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Events from the 1st August

Hi folks, Sorry about the slightly later than usual post this week, however many of the Glasgow AF team were off camping out at Talamh House and so have not had any internet action. Talamh is run as a housing … Continue reading

Seasons Such As These.

           Most people would agree that Willie Shakespeare had a way with words, and some of those words are just as relevant today as they were on the day that he wrote them. How about a few lines from "Seasons Such As These".
Poor naked wretches, wherese're you are
that hide the pelting of this pityless storm,
how shall your houseless heads and unfed sides,
your looped and windowed raggedness, defend you
from seasons such as these.
           As the Cameron cabal carry out the merciless plan of the financial mafia, under the guise of "austerity", we  see poverty sink its pityless teeth ever deeper into the fabric of our way of life. Day and daily fears of poverty become reality, the spectre of homelessness a way of life. Benefit cuts, sanctions on the unemployed, workfare for no wages, zero hour contracts, dragging more and more families into he dark pit of deprivation. Food banks a necessity, loan sharks arrive in the guise of a saviour. We are in the midst of a man made season of wretchedness. Only the ordinary people can move us to that season of a bountiful spring.
              A  quote from "Freedom" November 1903, by someone who signs him/herself, "anarchist".
He who would be free
Himself must strike the blow
Here we are,111 years on, and we have still to strike that blow. 

Still No Democracy.

         Still down south sipping coffee and reading papers, among other things. It was while doing the coffee, paper thing that I came across an article in The Times of July 28th.. which I had to spout my view on. They had a photograph and a full page article on the Bullingon Club, mentioning that a high percentage of those in the photograph had died in the first world war. The article seemed to convey the notion that the war had claimed the lives of all classes. This may be true, but without a shaddow of doubt, it was the ordinary people who paid the highest price by a very large margin.
        There is also another difference. Since this war was nothing other than an imperialist scramble for wealth, power, resources and markets, for thos imperialists and their parasite friends, and the Bullingdon Club was stuffed full Princes and other friends and members of that imperialist class, they are the ones who should have done all the fighting. It was their war, they stood to gain or lose imperial wealth and power. On the other hand, the ordinary people, who died in their millions, came from poverty, and after the greed driven avoidable blood-bath, those who returned, returned to unemployment and poverty.
        I personally, have no sympathy, nor will I shed any tears, for those of the imperialist parasite class, who died fighting an imperialist greed fest, which they engineered. They were defending theur own position of wealth and power, or trying to gain more. They ordinary people, on the other hand, were hoodwinked and bullied into believing they were defending something they never had, and still do not have, namely, "dwmocracy"
      The article is just another plug at the establishment propaganda line, "we're all in this together", pure unadulterated bullshit.


Liverpool Demonstration Calls for Solidarity with Palestinians

Demonstrators making their way to Marks & Spencer (photo: Palatino Linotype) A noisy and spirited group of around one hundred and fifty demonstrators gathered in Liverpool city centre last night, to express solidarity with Gazans facing Israel's military onslaught (more photos here). This was the fourth anti-Israel/pro-Palestine demo in the city in two weeks, with another planned for this

#NoVoteNoVoice? No thanks.

Originally posted on Cautiously pessimistic:
The Mirror are launching a new campaign, #NoVoteNoVoice, hoping to persuade a million people to vote in next year’s general election. Supporters include the pro-establishment anti-fascists of Hope Not Hate, as well as the National…

David Cameron is at Glasgow University TODAY

Come and give him the welcome he deserves. People will be assembling at 1.30pm outside Glasgow Uni Library.

This is how some of the major mental health charities work against the interests of mentally ill people

Originally posted on Aethelread the Unread:
Today, there was a conference on mental illness. It was addressed by the deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg. The text of his speech is here. Since he was speaking about mental health in public,…

A Quiet Spell.

        ann arky is heading down south for a couple of weeks, a sort of working holiday. So my rants will cease for a spell, thanks for all your support, keep struggling, you know it makes sense, I'll continue ranting soon.

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Escape The Games.

       Trying to find somewhere to escape "The Games"? Well you can do that and at the same time be informed on what is behind the corporate spectacle that pumps public money into the coffers of the big-business world.

Glasgow Autonomous Updates:

Glasgow Games Monitor invite you to a critical intervention into the Commonwealth Games. Free talks, film screenings and the Games Monitor Library………23rd July to 3rd August at Stereo and The Old Hairdressers

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The Protests must continue, The Genocide Must End.

      It is important to keep the pressure mounting if you want to have any effect on the governments of the world, in a bid to stop the genocide that the Israeli state is carrying out in Gaza. Tonight a hospital shelled, 5 dead and at least 11 wounded, how do you claim to be trying to avoid innocent civilians when you shell a hospital? The protests must continue and most grow in numbers.

This from Stop the War Coalition:

Gaza Demonstration

 National demonstration: Stop the Massacre in Gaza - Free Palestine!
     Gaza End the Siege As if the people of Gaza have not suffered enough, Israel has escalated its brutal assault on Gaza in the last 24 hours.
      Last Saturday a fantastic 100,000 marched to the Israeli embassy - this Saturday's demonstration is even more important.
      Over the weekend more than 150 Palestinians have been killed, 67 in one attack alone last night including 17 children and 14 women. The media continues to accept the rhetoric of 'limiting casualty levels' and 'targeting militants' and the politicians refuse to condemn Israel and call their action what it is, a massacre of innocents.
      Why? Because Israel remains the West's main ally in the Middle East.
       That is why we have called a national demonstration this Saturday starting at the Israeli Embassy and marching to Parliament. Last week 100,000 of us descended on the Israeli Embassy, this Saturday we are taking our anger to the centre of political power in Britain.
      National demonstrations are the best way to show the government that the majority in Britain oppose their disgraceful support for the Israeli assault.
      We are asking all our supporters around the country to organise transport to get the maximum numbers to London next Saturday.
Check for details as they emerge on the Stop the War web site. We will email further details later in the week.
National Demonstration: Saturday 26th July.
      Meet 12 noon at Israeli Embassy. Nearest tube: High Street Kensington. March to Parliament.
      Organised by Stop the War, PSC, Friends of Al-Aqsa, CND, BMI, MAB and Palestine Forum in Britain.

       Please share and invite your friends to the Facebook event. Let's make it go viral!
E-mail your lists and share with your organizations and unions
Organise leafleting in your area. Call 020 7561 4830 to order flyers.
Let us know your transport details by e-mailing
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