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What Will We Leave Our Great Grand Children?

        Can we trust the greed driven corporations and the puppet politicians that in their pocket, to honestly assess this problem and come up with answers that will perhaps diminish their wealth and power, but work for the benefit of all? I personally think that will not happen, greed blinds logic, it is up to the people to sort this out before it is too late, if it is already, not too late. What is the legacy that we will leave future generations? What will your great grand children inherit?

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To Hell With Culture.

     Herbert Edward Read 1893–1968 was a British anarchist, poet and literary critic, among other writings including poetry, he wrote considerably on the role of art in education. Read was co-founder of the Institute of Contemporary Arts. He was one of the earliest British writers to take notice of existentialism. In the eyes of a lot of anarchists he blotted his copy book by accepting those three letters in front of his name, Sir. Of course that doesn't take anything away from what he said and wrote.
An interview with Herbert Read's son on,  "To Hell With Culture"

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Where Do You Stand?

Where do you stand? This from Tahlure Niemy:I am an AnarchistI am not what the mass media tells youI am not for violence, chaos, and disorderI am not the mad max projections of the stateI am an AnarchistI support cooperation, direct action, mutual…

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There Can Be No Peace Without Justice.

     The massive slaughter may have stopped, and that babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media may be selling other pieces of sensationalism, but the misery, hardship and repression continues. Gaza is still an open air prison, and Israel is still a brutal aggressive state, with genocide in its plans.

       A month has now passed since the end of Israel’s massacre of the besieged population of Gaza.
      Gaza may no longer be on our TV screens, but the medieval siege remains in place and Israel appears more determined than ever to press on with the expansion of its illegal Israeli settlements.  
       As civil society organisations in Gaza have said, there is now a battle underway to ensure that Israel is held to account. The outcome of this battle will determine whether Israel’s latest assault will be yet another stage in Israel’s incremental genocide” of Palestinians or the turning point that will bring an end to Israel’s status as an entity above the law. The outcome of this battle depends on you.
       Palestinians everywhere were inspired by the international outpouring of support for Palestine during the Gaza massacre. Hundreds of thousands of people across the world joined the August 9 Day of Rage protests initiated by organisations in Gaza. Israeli ships were prevented from docking at Oakland and other ports in the US. Israeli arms factories were shut down and protests were held at hundreds of retailers across the world that sells Israeli goods.
      And we know that BDS is working: Israeli exporters are complaining that it's becoming impossible to export produce to Israel. Big companies like G4S and Veolia are scaling back their involvement in Israeli crimes. Latin American governments responded to public pressure by withdrawing their ambassadors to Israel.
      What happens next depends on how strong we can build the movement. Get involved with the BDS movement today:
 -       Read our Make an Impact page that is full of ideas on what products to boycott and how to be effective

-       Check out our Get Involved page for tips on how to start a BDS campaign

-       Contact us to find out how to join a local BDS group

-       Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get our latest updates
       We look forward to working with you to build a BDS movement that can make Israel pay a heavy price for its massacre of Palestinians in Gaza. 

The Palestinian BDS National Committee
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Oil And Religion, A Bad Mix.

      What is really happening in Iraq and Syria, where does Turkey stand in this bloodshed, where does IS get all their hard wear. Turkey has a vested interest in seeing the Kurds defeated, but as usual, it is all sold as good verses evil, when in fact it is all political manoeuvring for power and territory, by the power mongers. The blood of the people will be shed at the dictate of imperial ideology and religious fundamentalism. Under the veil of a battle between good and evil will lie rich oilfields.
     The corporate imperial West is very reluctant to arm the Kurds as they are building a form of federalism and people's assemblies, not the sort of thing the West wants to see in an oil rich area. No where in this can we say that the West is there for the benefit of the people of that area, the West can quite easily turn its back on brutal repression if the benefits are not rich enough for them. Brutal regimes can be our allies, friendly trading partners, as long as they play ball with their resources. It's when those resources are under threat that those same nations become evil empires and have to be destroyed.
This from Roar Mag:

       Moreover, the earlier defeat of IS by the Syrian Kurdish forces both in Kobanê and Sinjar has been interpreted as a slap in the face of the jihadists. Especially the fact that almost a third of the Kurdish militias are made up of women has served to shame the radical Islamists who prefer to see women covered in black robes from head to toe, rather than unveiled, independent and empowered with a AK-47 in their hands.
       The last important fact that has put Kobanê high on the agenda of the Islamic State is that this is the place where the Rojava revolution started on July 19, 2012, when the town was liberated from Assad’s forces and became home to the Democratic People’s Revolution. In this struggle, Syria’s Kurds have declared their autonomy from the state and have since been working to implement democratic confederalism and people’s assemblies as a means to govern themselves.
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Gather at Learndirect, Conference House, 152 Morrison Street, Edinburgh EH3 8EB. 12 noon – 2pm Thursday 9th October Organised by Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty as...

Being Bitten By The Beast You Fed.

        Analysis of what is going on in the Middle East will not be found in the babbling brook of bullshit that is our mainstream media, we have to look back at history. The West's hatred of anything Soviet, lead to the American imperialists handing a blank cheque to the CIA, with the explicit instructions for it to be pour that cash into support, training and funding any ragbag of nut case fundamentalist groups that would take a pop-shot at the Soviets in Afghanistan. Fast forward, through the bombing of Iraq and we arrive at ISlS, or IS, or ISIL, whatever label they wish, it is still the same fundamentalist religious nutters that the American imperialists deliberately created because of their psychopathic desire to control the world. Strange how things come back to bite you.

This from Wish Rivers Of News:
       (Parenthetic digression: obviously the CIA didn't directly intend to train and arm these aforementioned dangerous assholes: if they'd known where it would all go they'd have been horrified. But in the 1980s they didn't have a clue about Qutbism, so they handed an open chequebook to ISI, who in turn doled out cash and guns to anyone who would inflict grief on the Soviets in Afghanistan, and perhaps if Zbignew Brzezinski's state department had been slightly more forward-looking and clear eyed they might have pondered where all these angry young men with leet bomb-making skillz were going to go once the Soviets were defeated ... but that's all water under the bridge. Or is it? One thing's certainly true: western governments' track record in picking proxies to fight their wars for them are generally so disastrous that it's almost as if they were looking for rabid dogs. Hmm, time to re-read Chomsky.)
        And you know something else? If George W. Bush hadn't had such a raging hard-on for Saddam Hussein, if he hadn't railroaded everyone into invading Iraq, this needn't have happened. Al Qaida have grown into a full-scale scary government-shaped object with a revolutionary ideology because Bush created a power vacuum for them to expand into. (And Obama helped, by not actively propping up the weak Ba'athist regime in Syria — who are bastards, but at least they're not trying to destroy western civilization for a hobby.)
       It is to weep. But we've made our bed and now I suppose we must drop bombs on it.
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It’s The System That Stinks.

        Workfare schemes are an attack on all the ordinary people of this country. It is a process by which wages are squeezed and corporate profits are increased, they are a further step in creating a sweatshop econo…

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Events from the 28th September onwards

Hi folks, After a rather busy week we have a few more events coming up that may be of interest. Arika will be finishing up their weekend of events with a day of interesting performance and presentation at the Tramway. … Continue reading

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A Casino System Run By Addictive Gamblers.

        The economic system explained. We need to use the Amazon forests to make the paper to print the money to balance the books. The world economy is one large ponzi scheme.

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